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a new mommy

25 so now a mommy of a cute little girl named Alice!!
me and :PANCRECIDE(aka isaac): are so proud of our lil girl! she's so beautiful!
as for my tumblr... um lots of NSFW ... you have been warned!

i’m kind of sick of seeing this rugrats theory floating around.


seriously, people, some of you are so quick to believe something that can maybepossiblyactually fit into a long-held “universal truth” of yours so to speak. what i’m saying is: this theory has many, many holes. just because it’s interesting and (admittedly, at first glance) it seems sound and true doesn’t mean that it’s what the creators originally intended. here are a few things i’m a little skeptical of:

  • if this is true, why isn’t the series more angelica-centric? she plays a minor, antagonistic role in the series (she’s not one of the main four [six if you count kimmy and dil] babies). also on the subject of angelica making up the babies: why wouldn’t she make them her friends? every imaginary friend i’ve had has always been my friend, not someone i boss around or am mean to.
  • “chuckie died along with his mother.” according to the chuckie finster wikipedia (yeah, i went there), his mother died of an unnamed illness. now before you say anything like “IN CHILDBIRTH!” i’d like to point out that it goes on to say she died a few months after he was born (according to the mother’s day episode).
  • while on the subject of chuckie, why would it be necessary for angelica to also come up with kimmy and kira (the step-sister and step-mother)? or, for that matter, dil? okay, so maybe chaz remarried after his wife and son died (if we’re going along with the theory), but after that, why would it be necessary to have the made-up chuckie anymore? she’d have kimmy. before you say, “but she’d already convinced herself he was there!” …three year olds - especially angelica - get bored very easily, and as soon as something shinier or newer comes along, they forget about the old thing. there would be no reason for her to keep the chuckie character.
  • the tommy theory is well thought out, except for the fact that he’s the leader, main character, and all-over badass. which brings me back to my first point about how the series wasn’t angelica-centric, she wouldn’t have made up characters cooler than herself, etc.
  • interesting deville theory (minus the fact the OP forgot an apostrophe), but angelica wouldn’t understand abortion, and she probably would’ve forgotten that a baby was even on the way if it never came and wasn’t ever-present in her life post-birth. which brings me back to the three-year-olds have short attention spans point.

that being said, i don’t want to completely shove the theory out the window, but i offer this piece of advice when being introduced to new and interesting things: don’t be so gullible when it comes to things like this.

(i don’t want it to seem as though i’m limiting this discussion to the rugrats theory only. this applies to the ash/pokemon theory, the ed edd n eddy theory, etc. they’re nice to play around with, but when it really comes down to it, are they plausible?)

for one thing NO ITS NOT TRUE… -.- damn 

secondly this is all for if its true

if it is true and its about her imaginary friends/hallucinations it will not really be centered around her due to the fact its not based on her and her life but the life she made up. 
as for chuckie, if he is dead, then the mothers day story the ‘unknown illness’ could be either the child birth or that is how she died was an illness killing chuckie as well
kimmy is said to be a hooker and kira her kid was stories she heard about the baby that kimmy had taken away from her. and the reasons she keeps all these characters is because she is sitting alone while her parents are hanging out with their friends probably as therapy over all the fucked up deaths and has to make up the play world since she is a lone all the time… 
in the series he was a leader cause he was born premature and has always been a fighter, as for the theory all the personalites of the babies are actually sides of her so thats why they act the way they do
as for the devilles she remembers them talking about they don’t know if the baby is boy or girl which was in an episode i for get which one, she just knows there was supposed to be a baby and there wasnt so she imagines they had identical twins of both gender 

its said that suzie came to the studio with this as an idea for a cartoon if it happened in real life and was so tragic they would make sure not to make the sick real person a major character seeing that getting attached to some one who is based on a very messed up person would be bad. besides they thought to focus more on the delusions rather than the one having it cause a show about babys would make more money instead of a story about a girl who fanatized about children she heard about but never got to see so made up to have friends while her parents and parents of the kids who were supposed to be there talked and helped each other get through the day. they thought of adventures for them and things like that and included her some times but not too much and made her even more of a controlling bully so people wouldnt like her as much. 

seeing how if any one remembers anything from when rugrats was on they would know this is made up since it has been discussed that it was what the creators thought kids were doing when out of their parents sight. and since this is all because the idiotic creators let angelica say the babies were just her imagination in a video game called totally angelica…. too many people believe it with out remembering the facts -.- 
sadly some one can get in your head and let you think this cause there are lots of logical sides of it, her playing with a jacked up doll that actually represents her dead mom is very smart since some therapists do this for children who have lost parents, and having all the babies talk then when dil is born (according to theory he is the only real one) dil never talks and actually rebels against angelica. also the parents do not pay too much attention to the kids which is how they get to do so much. since the theory is the show is based on a true story that is why attention is given to the fake kids how ever you do notice that not a lot is given like a normal parent of a little baby would which is watch all the time make sure they are not in to too much trouble and staying in their play pin…. (pin or pen?) as well as you could also say lipshitz is mentioned so much cause thats really angelica working in her shrink into her delusions and he told the parents to play along since it might also help them with coping with the loss of the children. this was stopped after the brain damage angelica gives dil of course which is why there is such a time lapse between rugrats and all grown up due to a heavy medicated angelica secretly going off the meds and starting drug use (start of all grown up). its a very smart thought out theory that if u think on the logical side and only with in the lines of the theory and you use the show as the product of a horrible life of a little girl instead of the real life of the little girl it does make some good sense however it is VERY made up. 

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    for one thing NO ITS NOT TRUE… -.- damn secondly this is all for if its true if it is true and its about her imaginary...
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    Me too, who created this “theory”? I don’t even think it was a tumblr post haha. But yeah, anyone can make up a theory...
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    bringing this back because that theory is going around again…
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    honestly, this is way more thought out than that theory seems to be and makes absolute sense.